Drive Medical “Duet” is a Transport Chair AND Rollator Combined Into ONE Device

Egan Medical Unveils New Dual-Purpose Mobility Device

Is it a wheelchair? Is it a rollator? Those are some of the questions being asked about the all-new dual-purpose mobility device from Drive Medical.

Officially, the product is known as a rollator/transport chairSimply put, it is a two-in-one device that easily converts back and forth between a wheelchair and a rollator depending upon the user’s needs.

Of course, most people still don’t know what a rollator is. So what exactly is a rollator, you ask?

A rollator is like a type of walker, only it has a number of features not included on a standard walker.  Some of these include:

  1. Four large wheels
  2. Locking “loop” brakes (essentially hand-brakes)
  3. A seat (sometimes padded, sometimes plastic)
  4. A storage compartment (typically either a basket or a pouch, usually located underneath the seat)
  5. A padded backrest located behind the seat

A transport wheelchair is different from other types of wheelchairs including both manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. The primary difference between a transport chair and a regular wheelchair is that a transport chair does not have large rear wheels which on a manual wheelchair are spun by the user to propel the chair forward.

A transport chair has four small wheels, and is intended to be pushed from behind by someone other than the person sitting in the chair.

The two-in-one rollator/transport chair easily converts back-and-forth from one mode to the other. All that needs to be done to shift from wheelchair mode to rollator mode and back is to reverse the backrest and flip up (or down, depending upon which mode it is in and which is desired) the rollator handles (the ones with brakes attached).

Rollators normally cost anywhere from $120-$180 retail.  Transport wheelchairs typically sell for around $150-$250 depending upon the model, brand and quality.

The Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair/Rollator has an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $330.40. At that price, a consumer could buy one of the multi-purpose devices for less than it would cost to purchase both a rollator and transport wheelchair separately.

However, with the Christmas shopping season upon us, there are deals to be had for this versatile new product. A medical equipment company called Egan Medical is currently offering the Duet for as little as $189.95 — a savings of more than $145 dollars.

The item is available in three different colors: Blue, Black and Burgundy.

Those intending to purchase the Duet should do so now. Supplies are limited, and the $145 savings won’t be around forever.


About EganHealthcare
Peter Egan is a businessman/entrepreneur from Louisiana. He is in his mid-30's. Peter is presently employed by EGAN Home Health and Hospice, and attending school at Tulane. EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply has closed permanently. The decision to leave this blog up and intact was made because it may be re-purposed in some form or fashion, although the specifics about how are rather hazy at this point. An update will be posted to the front page of the blog once there's an update to be announced.

One Response to Drive Medical “Duet” is a Transport Chair AND Rollator Combined Into ONE Device

  1. SCG says:

    The Duet transport chair and rollator makes perfect sense and is very reasonably priced. As mentioned above a “rollator” is somewhat of a new term but it is really a walker with features such as a seat and backrest which if you’ve spoken to anyone who requires help walking, is a deal breaker. To include both the capabilities/features of a rollator and a transport chair in one product is a genius idea. Thank you!

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