Sliding Transfer Bench Now Available at EGAN Medical Equipment

EGAN Medical “Honored” to Help Easter Seals

EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply is pleased to announce the very special debut of a very special product, a medical equipment bath safety device known as the Sliding Transfer Bench, manufactured by Drive Medical.

The bench had been in-stock for a while but had not yet made its way to the website until EGAN got a very important phone call. A lady with Easter Seals called to inquire about a transfer bench for a guest of former New Orleans Saint and ALS would-be victim Steve Gleason. The guest reportedly also suffers from ALS, and Gleason was hosting her stay in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, we immediately got the product page online for them, and sold it at cost, delivering it within 2 hours free-of-charge.

Sliding Transfer BenchAs for the bench itself, the following are the manufacturer’s product features and technical specs:

Product Features

  • Transfer bench slides left and right along frame for easy entry into and out of tub.
  • Folds flat for transport and storage.
  • Comes standard with removable soap dish.
  • Comes with safety net to catch dropped personal items and prevent bending.
  • Comes with seat belt for added safety.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

It is an absolute honor and pleasure to be of use to the Easter Seals organization as well as to Mr. Steve Gleason. We look forward to working together with Easter Seals in the future, providing them with supplies at no cost when we are able to do so. A truckload of adult briefs is on the way sometime next week!

Update: While EGAN Medical has closed permanently, its founder and owner continues to support Easter Seals financially and in doing his best to aide in fundraising efforts wherein 100% of the proceeds are sent directly to Easter Seals of Louisiana.

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