Giddy-Up Stick Now On-Sale!

Giddy-Up Stick / Getty-Up Stick On-Sale

The one and only Giddy-Up Stick, the uniquely innovative dual-handled walking cane that serves a multitude of different purposes is now on-sale at EGAN Medical and will remain on-sale through the first week of December, according to EGAN Medical spokeswoman Kat Smith.

Giddy-Up StickThe Giddy-Up Stick, which is also frequently known as the Getty-Up Stick (its original name) and the Apollo Cane, a newer attempt at re-branding that hasn’t gone particularly well given the name-recognition of the two aforementioned spellings of Getty/Giddy-Up. While many know not how to spell the name, most at least know how to pronounce it. Apollo Cane, while listed in the official literature as an official name of the medical equipment device, is not the only name on the packaging, as the manufacturer recognized after some time that the brand was already established and that to deviate therefrom wouldn’t be a totally wise decision, especially if the company were to have ceased using two original names altogether.Getty-Up Stick

Essentiallly, the Getty-Up Stick (or Giddy-Up Stick) – whatever you wish to call it – features two handles: one located atop the cane, the other located several inches down the shaft. The purpose of this is to provide more balance than a traditional walking cane would be able to offer, thereby helping those who aren’t as mobile as are most people who require no assistance stand up from a seated position without running anywhere near as great a risk of losing one’s balance as would be the case using a traditional walking cane.

Apollo Cane

The Giddy-Up Stick also features an LED Flashlight built into the top handle, so the lucky owner of this amazing mobility aide will never have to stumble about in the darkness every again.

The Giddy-Up Stick / Apollo Cane has been discounted all the way down to just $48.00 even, and through the first week of January, they will ship completely FREE to ANYWHERE in the Continental United States (48 contiguous states)! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to secure one of the most popular and innovative walking canes to hit the U.S. market!

Shopping for someone else? The Giddy-Up stick makes for the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for that special mom, dad, grandma or grandpa who’s getting up in years and doesn’t move quite as well as he or she used to. This year get the family matriarch or patriarch a gift he or she will find to be both practical and stylish, and will be certain to get plenty of use from.

Giddy-Up Stick Video

If you’re contemplating purchasing a Giddy-Up Stick, you may want to consider doing so in the not-too-distant future as the price now at EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply is at an all-time low, when both the temporary price (discounted from previous price) and the free shipping offers, most customers will save between $8-$10 from the normal cost of the item plus shipping. These discounts won’t last forever, so get yours now before it’s too late!

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