EGAN Medical Announces Local Discounts (Raleigh Edition)

Raleigh, NC First City Featured in EGAN Medical’s “Local Discounts” Promotion


We regret to inform readers that this company has closed permanently. Any and all offers, discounts and promotions were voided on October 26, 2014.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply is pleased to announce a new promotion that may soon be coming to your home town. To be specific, this new promotion, or perhaps more accurately series of promotions, are directly tied to cities and hometowns all across the United States and Canada.

Raleigh, NCEGAN will be unveiling a series of “local discounts”, or coupon codes valid for a flat-rate reduction in the price of any order of any product, size or quantity. The caveat? Each coupon code will only be valid for use by customers whose shipping destinations are in the specific city for which each coupon will be named.

The cities will be picked at random, and each promotional period will last for one-to-two weeks, at least throughout the trial period. Depending upon customer response, the city-specific promotions may become a permanent addition to EGAN Medical’s various ways to save made available to customer. Conversely, should customer response fail to meet expectations, the local discounts could also be short-lived.

An EGAN Medical company spokesman stated that coupon use would be the measure by which success is determined, with the hope being that residents of a given city, state or metropolitan area will share the codes via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to inform their neighbors of these unique savings opportunities.

The first city to receive a city-specific discount is Raleigh, North Carolina.

Customers who either reside in and/or whose shipping destination is in the city of Raleigh can save 5% across-the-board on any order of any size or quantity and virtually any product* by entering coupon code Raleigh-05.

Customers in surrounding suburbs are asked to call or email to find out if coupon code applies to their location. Shoppers with no geographical ties to the Raleigh, NC area but who nonetheless enter the code at checkout will be emailed an invoice for the difference in price, and those orders will not ship until said invoice has been paid.

That said, EGAN Medical will actively be taking suggestions for which cities the company should feature in future such promotions, so if you’d like to see your city featured please send an email to N/A with the request. Who knows? You might just get your wish.

*Products for which the manufacturer has established manufacturer advertised pricing (MAP Pricing), whereby EGAN Medical’s price is already as low as permitted by the manufacturer are not eligible for any discounts including but not limited to the ‘Local Discounts’ promotional series.

EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc.


About EganHealthcare
Peter Egan is a businessman/entrepreneur from Louisiana. He is in his mid-30's. Peter is presently employed by EGAN Home Health and Hospice, and attending school at Tulane. EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply has closed permanently. The decision to leave this blog up and intact was made because it may be re-purposed in some form or fashion, although the specifics about how are rather hazy at this point. An update will be posted to the front page of the blog once there's an update to be announced.

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