EGAN Medical Upgrades Billing, Order Processing System

EGAN Medical Drops PayPal Due to Poor Service, Unreasonable Standoffishness

We regret to inform you that this company has closed permanently due to chargeback fraud in which PayPal, Volusion and the credit card processor owned by Volusion were all complicit, the latter two being actively complicit.

In light of recent events involving EGAN Medical’s former merchant services provider (PayPal) which prevented some refunds from being processed, EGAN Medical has decided to drop PayPal as its merchant services provider and switch to a credit card processing company more conducive to our customer’s needs.

We sincerely regret any and all inconveniences suffered by our customers as a result of PayPal’s indiscretions and poor business practices.

We expect to be fully operational by Monday, April 14 at the very latest. Any customers who require orders prior to the completion of our billing system upgrades may still place orders, however payment can not be made until further notice.

Customers whose orders have been placed prior to 10:00 AM, Saturday April 12, and involve products of a particularly time-sensitive nature may contact us at N/A or by phone at 228-206-7200, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs, arranging for payment sometime during the week of Monday, April 14.

PayPal Fraud

Again, we deeply regret any inconveniences suffered by our customers in the time period during which PayPal had the wherewithal to disrupt our relationships with out customers and burden the people we work so hard to serve unnecessarily.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarifications regarding your order(s) or prospective orders until such time as we can announce that we are once again fully operational. We expect to be fully operational later today at the soonest, Monday at the very latest.

First Aid Kit Thank you for your time, business and continued patience as we strive to offer our valued clientele the very best in medical equipment, medical supply, orthopedic, bath safety, mobility and pregnancy/maternity care products, prices and especially service. We are fully confident that this temporary inconvenience will ensure a superior customer service experience now and for years to come. We sincerely appreciate your continued patience while we work to improve all aspects of our organization and customer experience.

Peter Egan
President, CEO
EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: EGAN Medical Offering Free Gifts with Certain Maternity and Medical Equipment purchases.


About EganHealthcare
Peter Egan is a businessman/entrepreneur from Louisiana. He is in his mid-30's. Peter is presently employed by EGAN Home Health and Hospice, and attending school at Tulane. EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply has closed permanently. The decision to leave this blog up and intact was made because it may be re-purposed in some form or fashion, although the specifics about how are rather hazy at this point. An update will be posted to the front page of the blog once there's an update to be announced.

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