EGAN Medical to Give Back

EGAN Medical Opens Lots A Helping Hands Community

EGAN Medical hopes to among other things, facilitate a forum for communication between people in need of medical equipment and/or supplies and those who have the ability and/or means to provide them with said equipment and/or supplies.

EGAN Medical Helping Hands

To check out the community, request or offer assistance or offer to volunteer in your area please visit the EGAN Gives Back Helping Hands Community at:

The community also features a message board, photo gallery and resources page.


About EganHealthcare
Peter Egan is a businessman/entrepreneur from Louisiana. He is in his mid-30's. Peter is presently employed by EGAN Home Health and Hospice, and attending school at Tulane. EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply has closed permanently. The decision to leave this blog up and intact was made because it may be re-purposed in some form or fashion, although the specifics about how are rather hazy at this point. An update will be posted to the front page of the blog once there's an update to be announced.

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