About EGAN Medical

EGAN Medical Equipment, LLC is an internet-based provider (retail) of quality yet affordable medical equipment, medical supplies, bath safety & mobility equipment, orthopedic supports & braces, compression stockings, diabetic supplies, vitamins/supplements, maternity supports and pregnancy care products.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supplies
EGAN Medical was founded in January of 2011 by Peter Egan, a 30 year old  Covington, LA native with over a decade of experience working in the medical/healthcare field and nearly a decade of experience working with e-commerce. Peter had previously worked in a variety of different capacities at EGAN Healthcare Services, Inc. He spent several years at the Louisiana home care enterprise’s then-sister company, EGAN Pharmacy & Medical Equipment, again working in a variety of different capacities.

Peter founded GoDotYourself.com in 2006 after several years of success as an Ebay merchant who eventually taught himself web design, opening his own registrar in September of 2006 specializing in discount registrations, affordable hosting and a bevy of powerful DIY website design, blog, forum, content management and e-commerce platforms available free with 1-click install with many of the hosting packages offered by Go Dot Yourself.

EGAN Medical is known for its extremely competitive pricing, fast but cheap shipping and fast, knowledgeable and polite customer service which never requires a customer to first go through an automated phone system before finally getting through to a human being.


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