EGAN Medical Maternity Products at Shopcade

EGAN Medical Maternity Products Now at Shopcade

Maternity BeltEGAN Medical is pleased to announce that many of the fine maternity support belts, pregnancy cradles and other maternity care products are now available for purchase directly through the Shopcade website. The items are priced the same as they are at, but for Shopcade aficionados, you now have one more place to check out some detailed information about some of EGAN Medical’s prime product offerings.

If the Shopcade experiment goes well, and we began observing sales generated either through the site itself or by way of referral to, it is reasonable to assume that the effort to add more products to the social shopping community’s website will intensify.

The EGAN Medical products currently listed at the aforementioned site are as follows:

  • V2 Supporter:
  • Mini Cradle:
  • Prenatal Cradle:
  • Breast Pump:
  • Best Cradle:
  • Biofreeze 4-ounce Spray:
  • Fat Lester’s Activity:

Please let us know if for any reason visitors who arrive at Shopcade via this blog are unable to access the pages being linked to without having to sign up for a site membership or close any pop-up windows that may open upon your arrival to the site.

We hope this development may lead to an expanded presence for EGAN Medical on third-party shopping sites such as the one featured herein.


V2 Supporter Canada: Coupons & Discounts

Prenatal Cradle, V2 Supporter Coupons Available to Customers in Canada

NOTE: This company is no longer in business, and thus the coupon is not redeemable.

Subject:  Coupon Code
Code: CANADAV2 (Case-Sensitive)
Amount Saved:  $2.50 (USD) per order.
Available To:  Canadian customers of EGAN Medical Supply.
Valid Towards:  V2 Supporter purchases as well as any Maternity Care product including the Prenatal Cradle.

EGAN Medical, as a gesture to show our most sincere gratitude to our Canadian customers, has decided to offer a special discount available only to customers north of the American border.

Canada is home to more EGAN customers than any other country except the United States. Due to recent changes to USPS international shipping rates specific to shipments to Canada from the U.S. which made the USPS International First-Class Mail Package service prices more consistent with the geographical reality of the two countries bordering each other, EGAN Medical is offering Canadian customers an exclusive discount of $2.50 (USD) valid toward purchases of the V2 as well as any maternity belt, pregnancy cradle or postpartum support. Coupon Code “CANADAV2” (case-sensitive, enter without quotes) must be entered at checkout for discount to be redeemed.

What is a V2 Supporter?

V2 SupporterThe V2 Supporter is a compressive vulvar support undergarment most commonly used to treat and provide symptomatic relief from a condition known as vulvar varicosities, or varicose veins afflicting the vaginal/vulvar/pelvic region. This top-quality support is also used to treat the following conditions: perineal edema, prolapsed bladder or uterus, lymphedema and incontinence. It can also be used following sclerotherapy, a somewhat invasive procedure relative to compression therapy which can often be avoided if compression therapy is attempted first.

The V2 Support can be found here:

Maternity Belts & Pregnancy Supports

The offer is also valid towards EGAN Medical’s entire line of maternity supports & belts as well as any other pregnancy care product listed in the following category:.

Additional Information

The reason for this adjustment being made by way of a discount code rather than merely adjusting shipping settings is that reconfiguring shipping settings in such a way that shipping rates to Canada are consistent with the actual cost can not be done without reducing the rate for customers across the globe, which would mean the cost paid by international customers (Canada excluded) would be substantially less than the actual cost paid by EGAN.

Thus, by creating a coupon code intended for use exclusively by Canadian customers (anyone with either a billing address and/or shipping address in Canada), EGAN can help customers north of the border save some money without creating a scenario in which EGAN’s costs for shipping outside of North America exceed that being paid by customers.

Terms & Conditions

Valid only toward shipments to Canada using USPS First-Class Mail International shipping service. Customers must be 18 years of age or older. May not be used in conjunction with any other coupon or discount. Void where prohibited.


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Happy 2014 From EGAN Medical!

Happy New Year From EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply!

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and supporters for a record-breaking 2013! It has been an exciting year to say the very least.

For starters, EGAN Medical’s growth continues to surprise everyone associated with the company from ownership on down to our wonderful employees and partners. 2013 showed tremendous growth for the third straight year, a trend we’re actively looking to do whatever is necessary to ensure continues into 2014 and beyond.

2013 had a handful of highlights. One was the launch of our new official company blog, located at The new blog so far has been a success, as traffic figures put it on page to eclipse the two original blogs (this one included) within a matter of months should the figures hold.

EGAN Medical continued to expand upon our line of maternity belts and pregnancy supports such as the Prenatal Cradle and Best Cradle. In fact, in the fall of 2013, EGAN completed the It’s You Babe line of maternity support products with the debut of the Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

2013 also brought us the replacement for the Clean Butt 7500 Bidet Spa — the Swash 1000 Bidet from Brondell.

We had another interesting year on eBay, where our customer satisfaction rate now exceeds 99%. This is an exciting event to say the very least and a trend we seek to continue into 2014.

All-in-all, 2013 was our best year yet since our launch in January of 2011. As we move towards the company’s official 3rd birthday, we are looking to improve in a variety of ways, including but not limited to improved email response time and an increased product selection across all existing categories.

Here’s wish all of our customers, employees, fans and partners a happy, safe and fulfilling New Year! May 2014 be full of blessings!

EGAN Medical Boasts Full Line of Prenatal Cradle Products

Combination Hip Stabilizer, Vulvar Varicosities Support Completes Product Line

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply is pleased to announce that with the debut of the two-in-one hip stabilizer plus vulvar varicosities support, EGAN Medical now offers the complete line of Prenatal Cradle products.

Hip Brace + V2 SupporterThe newest edition, formally known as the “Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter”, as the name would indicate, offers both the Hip Brace (trochanter belt) and V2 Supporter in a single undergarment, sparing women the trouble and added cost of having to buy both products separate from each other.

According to the product page on the EGAN Medical website, the Hip Brace plus V2 Supporter is indicated for a wide range of conditions and ailments, including but not necessarily limited to the following: vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling, distended bladder, distended uterus, hip pain, hip instability, post-operative swelling, post-abdominoplasty & tummy tuck, Pfannenstiel Incision, lyphedema, incontinence, after giving birth and following a hysterectomy.

The product is being made available through a special introductory offer for just $47.95, a $22 discount from the sticker price of $69.95.

This offer is only valid at EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply.

Other products manufactured by the maker of the patented Prenatal Cradle maternity support include the original Prenatal Cradle, Best Cradle, V2 Supporter, Mini Cradle, Hip Brace, Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Supporter and Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter.

For Sale: Prenatal Cradle (Maternity Support)

Prenatal Cradle

Category:    Maternity Supports
Price:    $36.95 + Shipping

Finally, a product made especially for pregnant women that is specially designed to help ease the pain resulting from another person growing inside one’s abdomen for nine months at a time.

The Prenatal Cradle, which is available at Egan Medical, is a high-end maternity support that is taking the world by storm thanks in no small part to its patented design. The prenatal cradle is different from an ordinary maternity belt in that it provides support to the entire body — not just the abdominal region.

This unique product is available for purchase directly from, and the listed price of $36.95 plus $2.50-$5.40 on average (varies by method and location) for USPS Priority Mail shipping (estimated delivery time of 1-3 business days).

Prenatal Cradle Features:

– Helps ease aching back
– Gives tired tummy muscles a lift
– Does not pull down on shoulders
– Reduces swelling of feet and ankles
– Provides comfort for hips and pelvic bones
– Great for support while exercising
– So comfortable you’ll forget you have it on

Sizing Information

Prenatal Cradle Size:

* Extra Petite: 0-3 (pant size); 90-125 lbs (current weight)
* Petite: 3-6 (pant size); 125-145 lbs (current weight)
* Small: 7-10 (pant size); 145-175 lbs (current weight)
* Medium: 10-14 (pant size); 175-200 lbs (current weight)
* Medium/Large: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight)
* Large: 18-24 (pant size); 250-300 lbs (current weight)
* X-Large: 24+ (pant size); 300-350 lbs (current weight)
* Tall/Small: 10-14 (pant size); 145-200 lbs (current weight)
* Tall/Medium: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight)

(Tall Sizes recommended for women 5’10” or taller)

Shipping Information:

Shipping Cost: Varies by Location
Shipping Method: USPS Priority Mail & USPS First-Class Mail Package

Customers who arrive at the Egan Medical website via WordPress are asked to contact the company at 985-635-4875 for a special discount.

V2 Supporter for Vulvar Varicosities

V2 Supporter

Available at: Egan Medical

V2 SupporterThe V2 Supporter is a maternity support undergarment specifically designed to treat vulvar varicosities by way of delivering targeted compression therapy to the affected area. Vulvar varicosities is often referred to as that feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom”. While not uncommon during pregnancy, the condition seems to occur primarily if not exclusively in women who are pregnant.

Vulvar Varicosities

Manufacturer: It’s You Babe, LLC (maker of the patented Prenatal Cradle)

The V2 Supporter is also indicated for the following conditions:

– Vulvar Varicosities
– Swelling or Edema of the Pubic Region
– External Prolapse of the Bladder or Uterus
– Perineal Edema
– Incontinence
– Following Sclerotherapy

Instructions for Wear: Step into the V2 Supporter as you would a regular panty, with the lace applique on the front-and-center of hip band. Customizable compression means that each individual user can customize the degree of firmness to fit her specific needs. To do so, simply loosen the back tabs and relocate the tabs higher or lower on the garment relative to their previous position to raise or lower the compression.

Vulvar Varicosities is a condition whereby varicose veins develop in and around the pelvic region during pregnancy. This is a fairly common condition, and it is generally not considered to be serious, usually disappearing once the pregnancy is completed.

Size | Pant Size | Weight
(pre-pregnancy) (current)

Petite | 0 – 5 | 90 – 125 | Under 28″
Small | 6 – 12 | 126 – 165 | 29″ – 36″
Medium | 13 – 18 | 166 – 190 | 37″ – 44″
Large | 20 – 28 | 190 – Over | 45″ +

V2 Supporter

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