EGAN Medical to Give Back

EGAN Medical Opens Lots A Helping Hands Community

EGAN Medical hopes to among other things, facilitate a forum for communication between people in need of medical equipment and/or supplies and those who have the ability and/or means to provide them with said equipment and/or supplies.

EGAN Medical Helping Hands

To check out the community, request or offer assistance or offer to volunteer in your area please visit the EGAN Gives Back Helping Hands Community at:

The community also features a message board, photo gallery and resources page.


Vagi-Care Feminine Itch Cream Now Available

Vagi-Care Cream Now Available at EGAN Medical

EGAN Medical made strides this past week to help our female customers tackle a rather uncomfortable problem, no pub intended. Feminine itch is a major nuisance not just because of the extent to which the symptoms are unpleasant. Perhaps the most disconcerting part of addressing the problem of feminine itch is that in a traditional purchase environment, the woman must physically walk into a store, pick up the product remedy with her hands and walk around the store with it before presenting it to a cashier at checkout, the entire process of which can be totally humiliating.


That humiliation is no longer necessary now that women can discreetly purchase Vagi-Care Feminine Itch-Relief Cream online at N/A without anyone seeing them do so, sparing the embarrassment of quietly announcing the presence of a yeast infection or other source of vaginal discomfort by making an in-store purchase or a product indicated to treat feminine itch.

For $5 and change EGAN’s female customers can at least spare themselves the mental and emotional distress of resolving such an unsavory health problem by buying online from EGAN Medical rather than walking the gauntlet of judgmental faces that will inevitably be present in whichever physical store a woman were to enter in order to purchase a product such as Vagi-Care. Perhaps the best part is that so long as no one else is present when customers log on to EGAN Medical’s website, EGAN can guarantee our female customers that they can have complete confidence that they will not encounter anyone they know at EGAN Medical while making their purchase!


EGAN Medical Announces Local Discounts (Raleigh Edition)

Raleigh, NC First City Featured in EGAN Medical’s “Local Discounts” Promotion


We regret to inform readers that this company has closed permanently. Any and all offers, discounts and promotions were voided on October 26, 2014.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply is pleased to announce a new promotion that may soon be coming to your home town. To be specific, this new promotion, or perhaps more accurately series of promotions, are directly tied to cities and hometowns all across the United States and Canada.

Raleigh, NCEGAN will be unveiling a series of “local discounts”, or coupon codes valid for a flat-rate reduction in the price of any order of any product, size or quantity. The caveat? Each coupon code will only be valid for use by customers whose shipping destinations are in the specific city for which each coupon will be named.

The cities will be picked at random, and each promotional period will last for one-to-two weeks, at least throughout the trial period. Depending upon customer response, the city-specific promotions may become a permanent addition to EGAN Medical’s various ways to save made available to customer. Conversely, should customer response fail to meet expectations, the local discounts could also be short-lived.

An EGAN Medical company spokesman stated that coupon use would be the measure by which success is determined, with the hope being that residents of a given city, state or metropolitan area will share the codes via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to inform their neighbors of these unique savings opportunities.

The first city to receive a city-specific discount is Raleigh, North Carolina.

Customers who either reside in and/or whose shipping destination is in the city of Raleigh can save 5% across-the-board on any order of any size or quantity and virtually any product* by entering coupon code Raleigh-05.

Customers in surrounding suburbs are asked to call or email to find out if coupon code applies to their location. Shoppers with no geographical ties to the Raleigh, NC area but who nonetheless enter the code at checkout will be emailed an invoice for the difference in price, and those orders will not ship until said invoice has been paid.

That said, EGAN Medical will actively be taking suggestions for which cities the company should feature in future such promotions, so if you’d like to see your city featured please send an email to N/A with the request. Who knows? You might just get your wish.

*Products for which the manufacturer has established manufacturer advertised pricing (MAP Pricing), whereby EGAN Medical’s price is already as low as permitted by the manufacturer are not eligible for any discounts including but not limited to the ‘Local Discounts’ promotional series.

EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc.

Happy 2014 From EGAN Medical!

Happy New Year From EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply!

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and supporters for a record-breaking 2013! It has been an exciting year to say the very least.

For starters, EGAN Medical’s growth continues to surprise everyone associated with the company from ownership on down to our wonderful employees and partners. 2013 showed tremendous growth for the third straight year, a trend we’re actively looking to do whatever is necessary to ensure continues into 2014 and beyond.

2013 had a handful of highlights. One was the launch of our new official company blog, located at The new blog so far has been a success, as traffic figures put it on page to eclipse the two original blogs (this one included) within a matter of months should the figures hold.

EGAN Medical continued to expand upon our line of maternity belts and pregnancy supports such as the Prenatal Cradle and Best Cradle. In fact, in the fall of 2013, EGAN completed the It’s You Babe line of maternity support products with the debut of the Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

2013 also brought us the replacement for the Clean Butt 7500 Bidet Spa — the Swash 1000 Bidet from Brondell.

We had another interesting year on eBay, where our customer satisfaction rate now exceeds 99%. This is an exciting event to say the very least and a trend we seek to continue into 2014.

All-in-all, 2013 was our best year yet since our launch in January of 2011. As we move towards the company’s official 3rd birthday, we are looking to improve in a variety of ways, including but not limited to improved email response time and an increased product selection across all existing categories.

Here’s wish all of our customers, employees, fans and partners a happy, safe and fulfilling New Year! May 2014 be full of blessings!

New EGAN Medical Supply Blog Powered by WordPress

EGAN Medical Supply Launches New WP-Powered Blog

In this day and age, a company not only needs its own blog, it needs it’s own blog at its own self-hosted domain name.

EGAN Medical Supply has launched a new, self-hosted weblog which, like the blog you are reading, is being powered by the amazingly simply yet powerful WordPress platform.

EGAN Medical Supply BlogWordPress was chosen as the content management system and blogging platform for EGAN Medical’s first-ever standalone weblog in the history of the company because like EGAN Medical Supply, WordPress is extremely powerful, incredibly resourceful and astonishingly affordable (it’s free). EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan said that these factors combined with WordPress’ ease-of-use among experts and novices alike was a factor in the decision, as was the parallel which was drawn between thee open source software/blogging platform and the medical equipment and supply company based along the Gulf Coast but which conducts commerce globally in terms of their simplicity, affordability and outright superiority over the pretenders — those sites which make claims similar to those for which EGAN Medical is known not for making but delivering on — but which are priced through the roof and whose staff know little-to-nothing about the products themselves.

As for how EGAN intends to use the blog relative to its three existing ones spread across the web’s most popular blogging sites, while no definitive answers were given, the company owner did imply when asked that this new blog will serve as the official one documenting news and updates about the company and products, while the remaining three will be used to keep customers engaged with special promotions exclusive to each particular blog or platform, much like EGAN already does with its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

The domain name, N/A, is registered and hosted at N/A. All deluxe and premium web hosting packages from N/A include free installations of WordPress and nearly 100 other content management systems, blogging platforms and other turnkey website software requiring no coding skills whatsoever.

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